Now Available – Improved wifi at Soverel Marina

Connecting to the Soverel WIFI

The network is protected by password. The password will only need to be entered the first time you connect a specific device to the network. After the first time, whenever you turn on your device or bring it into range of one of the 6 access points around the marina, it will connect automatically

The password will be valid for as long as you own or rent your slip, and can be used for multiple devices.

To obtain the password you will need to access the network, contact the office at 561-691-9554.

With the final installation of the access points at various locations around the marina, our new service from onSpot Wifi is now up and running.

The service reaches every slip in the marina with reliable, high bandwidth communications, backed by a 100 mb/sec Comcast connection coming into the property.

To use our new system, connect your boat system, laptop or portable device to the network by selecting the strongest access point near you (onSpot1..6), and providing the password which is available from the office.

We think you will find the speed of the new network to be usable for all your onboard internet needs. Let us know how you like it.

For more information, contact admin@soverelmarina.com