Landscaping Begins

Sixteen Foxtail Palms found their new home at Soverel Harbour this week. Their journey started a month ago when we walked the tree farm picking out just the right trees.

In the time between then and now their final locations were prepared. Each “island” between the newly asphalted parking areas was graded and irrigated. The trees are young Foxtails Palms between 14 and 18 feet in height and were installed from Slip 1 – 65. The installation was about half of the trees chosen, look for the rest in about two weeks going, with installation to be from Slip 70 to the main gate.

In a matter of days we are scheduled to receive sod around our tree installations. They will need a good bit of water to become established, thirty minutes, twice a day. If you are spending time on your vessel and are near a new Foxtail, feel free to give her a drink…

Keep watching for the landscape lighting installation that will put these new palms and their existing mates in the “spotlight”.