Soverel Harbour NOW!

The appearance of the Marina is changing…daily…the infrastructure work is complete. If you have been in the Marina in the area of slips 1 -60 you are aware of the paver dockside walkway progress, we are half way around !! That’s not the only place you are going to find the multicolored paver blocks. Those same pavers will be in the parking area near the main gate, as part of our “main entrance” focal point, and at the floating dock access ramp as well.

In addition to the paver progress, the asphalt repair work has begun starting at Slip 18 and is rapidly approaching the rear gate. As the asphalt work continues please respect the cones blocking parking. The asphalt pavement needs to harden for 48 hours before vehicle traffic is allowed. If you are going boating and can even see any equipment from your parking space please give us a call to verify work is not scheduled in the area you are parked. The grading and asphalt crews are moving fast !!


The black water pump-out system is now operational. It is a vacuum based system separated into two zones, with one hydrant for every two slips. We have a hose cart that attaches to the hydrant and to the vessel being pumped. Pump-outs are available daily between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. To utilize the service please call the Marina Office at (561)691-9554 and let us know when you would like to be pumped out. We will make every effort to accommodate you. There is no charge to owners or lease holders of Soverel Harbour Slips.

We prefer not to board your vessel. We will board at your request with the understanding that while we will exercise every effort to leave your vessel as we find it, we cannot be responsible for sensitive finishes or restoring a freshly detailed vessel that may be impacted in any way, by the pump out operation. If you are not going to be at your vessel please assure that all required valves are set to enable the pump out to be completed.

Soverel Harbour Marina
Steven Stacey