Items of Interest to Slip Owners

Direct Owner Leases

The Soverel Harbour Association, to which, all owners are members, is governed by certain rules and covenants to help protect owner property values and minimize liabilities. All of these rules and covenants are easily accessible through the Soverel Marina website.

Article 11 of the governing covenants grants owners the right to lease their units. The Association reserves the right to approve each lease and its content, as well as each potential tenant and vessel. So that each owner wishing to lease does not have to incur the cost of a legal review of each lease, the Association has created a “Direct Lease Rider” document that will satisfy the covenant requirements and provide tenant information to the Association.

The Covenants also require that a leasing owner provide a damage deposit to the Association. The Deposit has been set at $1000 per slip leased. The Deposit can come from the owner or lessee and will be returned upon lease end and departure of the vessel.

All owners currently not leasing their slips through the marina office, will need to comply with the Covenants as well as owners entering into any new lease. A Direct Lease Rider can be found in the Owners section of the Marina web site. A Direct Lease Rider is attached to this communication for your convenience.

Any vessel entering the Marina will need to submit the Rider regardless of the length of stay or owner compensation. Owners who may “loan” their unit on a regular basis are welcome to provide a Rider for their guests to be held on file and updated as applicable.

Rewards Program

Soverel Harbour Marina is very excited to announce our very own rewards program. All owners enrolled in the Marina Leasing and Management Program are eligible. Lessees in an enrolled owners slip can elect to participate by allowing short term rentals anytime the slip is vacant. As the slip generates additional revenue, you as the owner, and the Lessee will share in that revenue. For more information you can log on to the owners’ section of the Marina web site.

Exclusive Rental and Management Agreement

We are in need of more slips for both short term and annual leases. If you been leasing your slip on your own or have been considering leasing your slip, now is the perfect time. The marina has recently completed major renovations, updated all leasing documents, increased rental rates competitive to the area and begun a marina marketing program. Our management and leasing program has never been stronger. Please contact me to learn more about our program and to receive an agreement to get your slip in our program.