Follow the Light

To the NEW Soverel Harbour!

You may notice our world is brighter the next time you are enjoying the evening at Soverel. Thursday, January 13th , all of the Streetlights were converted to LED “Corn Lights”. The picture tells the story as to the name… The LED’s will result in cost savings by providing the same illumination at a lower energy consumption and they remove considerable maintenance costs due to their long life and fewer components.

The operation started well, Thursday afternoon, with the vendor supervising his electrician and the dock staff assuring a smooth start. After three replacements the dock staff was called away on other business. Upon return the LED crew was not in sight. After a short search they were located… upgrading the streetlights at PGA marina! Our lights are exactly the same and they had just kept going right past the gate. Unfortunately for PGA, there were no extra LEDs available on this trip so they were removed and put to good use back at Soverel. The remainder of the installation was completed and the streetlights are operational.

Now that we can get you to the parking lot we need to get you onto your boat. We will be working to ensure that our dockbox lights are all operational as well. The LED group has been asked to provide a similar conversion for the dockboxes but until then we will be working to get the fluorescents operational where needed.

Steven Stacey
Marina Manager
Soverel Harbour Marina