The Grass is Always Greener

“The Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence …”

Not this week!

We have 11,000 square feet of new green sod on our side of the fence. Fresh cut and placed from Slip 1 to 65. The irrigation system will be watering the grass daily for the first 30 days. Initial shallow rooting will occur during the first two weeks.

To minimize the stress on our new sod we ask that everyone refrain from all activities normally grass-born, such as football games and even picnic blanket lunches during this sensitive period. Check with the Marina office for possible alternate venues. After about 45 days the sod should be established and get it’s first cut.

What’s left? The sod areas will see mulch around the trees, up lighting for the trees themselves, and the surrounding asphalt will get a uniform coat of black. The end is coming, closer than ever now … the end of construction, that is.

  • Ready ... Ready ...
  • Set ... Set ...
  • Getting Greener Getting Greener
  • Cleaning Up Cleaning Up
  • Final Product Final Product