For slip rentals, call the office at 561-691-9554, or email
Slips for Rent
1445 X 14'330/50Quite and on the entrance fairway
2155 X 17'930/50On the quiet side of the marina
2355 X 17'930/50Easy in/out, Quiet
2955 X 17'1130/50Easy in&out, quiet, closer to ICW, Great spot!
3055 X 18'030/50Easy in&out, quiet, closer to ICW, Great spot!
3555 X 17'1030/50Summer rental!!
3755 X 16'430/50Quiet, Easy in, easy out
4160 X 17'030/50Summer rental!!
4260 X 16'1130/50Quieter side, short walk to dinner
5365 X 17'1130/50Great Parking, easy in/out.
6145 X 14'330/30Avail Now, not far, not close, Just Right!
6345 X 14'430/30Close to back access gate
6445 X 13'430/30Short Walk to the Action yet peaceful...
7855 X 17'830/50Lots of room, near Marina Office
8260 X 16'1130/50Close to the Marina Office, Avail now
8555 X 17'950/50Close to the Marina Office, easy walk to dinner.
9455 X 17'330/50Right in the Heart of the Entertainment
9555 X 16'1030/50In The Heart of the Entertainment, Easy in/out
9760 X 17'330/50Right in the Heart of the Entertainment
10260 X 16'1030/50Cigar?Hair&Nails?Dinner? Steps away!
10655 X 17'030/50Close to the action,and nightlife.
10755 X 17'1030/50Close to the action,and nightlife.
10850 X 17'230/50Close to the action,and nightlife.
R01100 X 30'450/50Floating Dock, Easy Access, Close parking
R0260 X 17'230/5030 Day Notice, Minimum 6 month Lease required
R0360 X 18'930/50Just a step or two from the action,and nightlife.
R0570 X 19'450/50Available Soon
R0870 X 19'350/50Available Now
R0970 X 19'450/50Base of the fairway, Straight in/out, dinning near